Introducing Bike Auckland...

The non profit organisation working for a better city for people on bikes.

  • Bike Auckland is Bike the Bridge’s official charity partner
  • To support Bike Auckland’s advocacy work for a more bikeable city, you can add a donation during the online entry process or consider setting up a Givealittle Fundraising page
  • To learn more about Bike Auckland’s work and how you can get involved, click here.

Why Support Bike Auckland?

Spread the magic of this once-a-year experience to make the other 364 days a little bit more wonderful, too – by riding to benefit Bike Auckland, the non-profit that works for a better city for people on bikes.

Aucklanders of all ages love to bike. And more of us than ever are enjoying the growing network of cycleways, and choosing to bike to work, school, shops, cafes, parks, sports, or just for fun.

But a bike-friendly city doesn’t just happen – it’s won one street, one cycleway, and one funding shift at a time... by advocacy, optimism, and strength in numbers.

We’ve been there at every turn of the pedal. For the last two decades, from our origins as Cycle Action Auckland, Bike Auckland’s momentum has been behind every win on the ground for Aucklanders on bikes.

  • Our advocacy brought you Grafton Gully Cycleway, the inspired pink path (Te Ara i Whiti/ Lightpath) and the transformative Urban Cycleways Fund that’s changing the face of our city.
  • We’ve championed safer spaces to ride, including the new Eastern Shared Path from Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive, the Grey Lynn and Pt Chevalier cycleways, Victoria St Linear Park, and the completion of the Central City Cycle Loop via Nelson St.
  • We fought for – and won – the new Waterview Shared Path; we changed the conversation on Franklin Rd; and we’ve helped nurture SkyPath from a longheld dream into an imminent reality.

There’s much more to come, and much more to do – which is why we’re inviting your support. Help us keep winning on behalf of Aucklanders on bikes! Bike the Bridge with Bike Auckland in mind!

How Bike Auckland works for you

We’re dedicated to making everyday cycling a natural and appealing choice for Aucklanders of all ages, by:

  • Advocating for safer streets and connected cycleways, so you can feel confident riding, plus the necessary policy and investment to make that happen
  • Activating the community by hosting fun events, rides, tours, and fueling stations and supporting neighbourhood bike groups
  • Advising the people who build our cities about quality design for people on bikes, including bike parking, traffic calming, and all the little things that make it easier to go by bike

Ride for Bike Auckland

Keen to support our work? During the online entry process, when you register for Bike the Bridge you can choose to donate to Bike Auckland, join as a Bike Auckland member (which includes benefits like discounts at bike shops) – or you may like to contribute to us through our website. You can also set up your own Givealittle fundraising page and encourage your friends, family or colleagues to sponsor your ride. An extra incentive to enjoy every minute of your journey over the bridge!

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